Simple Activities

*Monkey is 34 months old*

We have finally resumed our Tot School activities. We had put it on hold due to a death in the family. 

Today we kept it simple. We did some artsy play and M was very excited that I brought out the paint.

The coloring pages we used were from Carisa's Just Color Thanksgiving series. They are awesome!

We started with a coloring page.

I told him what color he was using while he colored.

And we talked about turkeys. He was pretty interested in the fact that we eat them.

After a little while coloring, I broke out the paint.

He was very excited, he loves painting so much.

We talked about how T-t-Turkey, started the same as T-t-train and T-T-Thomas.

He thought that was pretty interesting too.

All in all, we worked mostly with our fine motor skills, everything else was just a bonus!

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