An Extra Friend

Today we have an extra little munchkin, K. We decided to go ahead and let her join in the fun today.

K is sweet little 27 month old girl that M just adores. We made sure our car related activities kept her busy today too.

We also made time for M's 'teacher' today. She is new to us and this is only her 2nd visit, but M seems to be liking her. Now, when I say 'teacher', I am putting the term lightly. She is actually a TEIS specialist called an IE, or Early Inventionalist. TEIS is a program offered in my state for children under 3 who are behind in their development. M was behind in his cognitive, self-help, and communication skills. This is why we have an IE come to the house. This program has been a blessing and is also the reason I went in search to find ways to help my son, thus causing me to stumble upon Tot School.

Okay, enough rambling, on to what we did today!

We started out with some free play. I just let the kids play with different toys while I narrated what they did. I tried to talk about the color of the toys, what the toys did, how they were playing with them, and so on.  I snapped a couple of cute pictures of the kids playing with a Lightening McQueen rocker. I was especially excited when C start pushing the Lightening McQueen rocker across the floor, using it as a tool to walk. That toy seemed to be a favorite.

After I had a couple cups of coffee, we went on to a simple sticker sheet activity while C napped. At first, both kids were very frustrated as they had a hard time getting the stickers off the page. I had an inspiration, and peeled the backing off of the sheet and we had no problems after that.

K really seemed to enjoy adding stickers to her car coloring page. She had a blast with it and she was very intent on her work.

M was more concerned with sticking his stickers to the table, and he asked if he could color, so I gave them some crayons.

The sticker and coloring activity lasted about 2 hours. I am sure it would have lasted a little longer except we had a knock on the door that got M and K excited.

We took a Special Agent Oso break while  made lunch. Then before we could start our next activity, K went home.

M and C played with Alphabet magnets and play dough for a bit. I noticed the play dough wasn't as big a hit as it was yesterday. M did enjoy making 'a'bet soup' with his letters and dough. In the end we only played with our dough for about 20 minutes.

M spent some time with his teacher today as well. They read a book together (My Color Book) and talked about different pictures in the book. She tried to get him into some color association by showing him other things in the house that were blue or green. We saw some blue shoes in the book which led us to a shoe activity. She helped him learn to put his shoes on with little help.

Today has been chalk full of learning and fun. We had some friends over and had a blast. I think today was a major success for Tot School! M is certainly showing some new skills!

Below are some of the sourses I used to put together today's activities.



  1. Wow! 2 hours on the sticker activity? They must have loved it!! I struggle to get my daughter to sit still for half an hour and that's with several activities :(

    1. I was surprised too! I did however switch it up when M started getting frustrated and added crayons to the activity. I think they concentrated so long because they were doing it together. K isn't used to doing activities like this, since she is not usually with me. I believe that in itself made it more interesting to her. M just enjoys company closer to his age. But yes, 2 hours is a REALLY long time to keep toddlers their age engaged!


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