C is for Car: Our Week in a Nutshell

This week our theme was C is for Car.

Our Song this week was The Wheels on the Bus

Our Primary Book this week was Scholastic First Discovery: Cars and Trucks and Other Vehicles By Gallimard Jeunesse and Claude Delafosse

This was our first week of actual Tot School. I am very happy with the results! Here is what we did this week in a nutshell.

Monday- We did a sensory activity with the kids. Each of my boys were given a sensory bin of their own, since C couldn't play with the shaving cream. 

M played in Shaving Cream and Cars and C had fun with his Cheerio Sensory Bin.

Tuesday- We played with some Homemade Playdough. M and C did this activity together since the play dough was safe to eat. They drove their Cars through the dough and we talked about how the dough felt and generally had a blast with Tire Tracks in Play Dough.

Wednesday- We had a friend over, but we didn't let that stop us! K joined M & C during Tot School. K and M did a sticker activity together, and M and C did another play dough activity while our Extra Friend was with us.

Thursday- M played with a pom pom color sorting/spooning activity. We also took a trip to the library and visited with the grandparents. We didn't do too much, but Not Doing Much was still okay.

Special Thanks goes to:

I got some of my ideas this week from them. So go check them out and see what else they might be doing!


  1. Visiting from 1+1+1=1 tot school :) I love how you incorporated songs and sensory play this week :) I would love for you to come over and check our Orange week of tot school out too. http://www.naturalbeachliving.blogspot.com/2013/10/orange-tot-school-in-october.html

    1. I will most definitely come and check it out!

  2. Congrats on your first week of tot school! Looks like you had a fun week!

    Visiting from 1+1+1=1!

    1. Thank you so much. We really did have a blast!


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