Cheerio Sensory Bin

I find it very had to find a sensory material that C can play with safely. I was browsing the kitchen for something C could do while M was in the middle of his C is for Car tot schooling, when it ht me like a ton of bricks. Cheerios. Those little edible Os that C eats every few mornings and for a snack! Of course, why hadn't I thought of it sooner?!

I filled a bin with some of our popular breakfast cereal and pondered what else we could add in there. I decided the cheerios reminded me a little of rocks, so I added a couple large cars. In my imagination, it is a dump truck at a Gravel Quarry while a pick-up truck is racing through the gravel. We will just see what C comes up with!

At first, C was just happy eating his cereal. 

And he spent a lot of time eating the Cheerios. He thought this sensory play idea was yummy!

But he got the idea and started playing with his cars too. 

Momma filled the Dino Dump Truck up, and C had a blast tipping the Cheerios out of the bucket!

We were not as fond with playing with the pick-up truck.

He even ate the trucks. Mm, tastes like cheerios!

I think he had a great time. I loved the way he babbled while he played too. We will be doing this activity again!

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