Not Much Today

We didn't do too much for Tot School today. Or at least I thought.

Today was a sort of 'field trip' day. We went to visit the grandparents (my mom and dad) and M got a great work out there playing with 9 dogs, discovering puppies, and playing outside.

We then took our weekly visit to the library where M picked out some books. He also played with some puzzles that the librarian keeps out for young children, especially toddlers.

We did do a pom pom color sorting/spooning activity after breakfast. M did get a little frustrated with it, but as he practiced, he made great progress.

I got the idea for the pom pom activity on Mom's Have Questions Too. My activity was pretty much the same thing, but we used green and purple pom poms and I added a spoon hoping to encourage with his self help skill of eating with a spoon. This is one of his goals for his TEIS program and it was suggested by his Coordinator to try an activity like this.

I will be pulling this pom pom activity back out tomorrow for some more exploration time.

Sorry  have no pictures, but today was a little hectic with all the traveling. Next time, I won't forget my camera.

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