Potty Training: Part 1 (Peeing Consistently)

Okay, so I posted about how M was going to start potty training here, and it has been 6 days since we started. So far M is doing great!
M is showing off his Potty Chart, Captain America Style!

Now I am sure you will understand why I don't want to post pictures of M sitting on the potty. That is just too revealing for the net.

M is using the toilet consistently to go pee, and I am loving it! He started asking me on about Day 3 to go when he felt the urge! I was so excited!

He got a sticker each time he went potty and I put one on his chart. Soon he started adding his sticker to the chart as well. He loved seeing how many stickers he could get!

M also went on his 1st outing on Day 5. We took a trip to the library and ran a few errands. He did not have a single accident!

We are still working on #2 making it to the toilet, but all in all, I am very happy with the results of the past week!

How did we do it? Well, let me explain!

On Day 1, we started the moment he woke up. I sat him straight on the potty and he drowsily and unknowingly went in the potty. I made a huge deal about it, clapping and dancing around the bathroom. He thought that was funny! I then offered him a Mickey Mouse sticker. He took one and I added one to his chart, telling him that every time he potty-ed in the potty, he would get a sticker on his chart! There were several times this day that he just wouldn't go. If he sat on the potty, I gave him a sticker, even if he didn't go, just to give him the idea that trying is better than nothing.

Day 2 started much the same way. He had fewer accidents this day and he went almost every time I sat him on the potty. I didn't need to give him a sticker for just trying anymore. He got the idea.

Day 3 seemed to be a break through day for him. Mid-morning he told me he had to go pee. I jumped up and we ran to the potty and he did the deed. I was so proud and  made a huge deal out of how he told me he had to go. Since that moment, he has told me he had to go every time he has to pee. No pee accidents on this day!

The rest of the week went great too. Our only dilemma now s #2, like I said before. He has not had but 2 pee accidents since Day 3.

I am proud to say that M is a big boy now!

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