Potty Training: The Beginning

I didn't think about it until halfway through our activity, but potty training is a Tot School activity too!

M is going to start his potty training journey tomorrow, and so today we made a potty sticker chart.  actually started out trying to make it on my own while M colored on another sheet of poster board, but M wanted to help.

I thought about it and realized that this might be the best thing to do. If he helped make his chart, it might make it that much more exciting when I got to add a sticker to it!

He had a blast coloring his chart. While he colored we talked about what color he was using.

We were also acting a little silly at the same time. M is such a comedian! 

The finished product! He decided that he wanted to be Captain America for the picture :-) 

I just hope that coloring his own chart will make him want to potty train just a little more. We will be starting tomorrow morning and I will admit, I am a little nervous, since we have had many failed attempts at it. Wish us luck!

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