Shaving Cream and Cars

Today we had a bit of fun with shaving cream. This week we are doing a car theme and I came across this idea on Pinterest and added my own twist. You can see where I got the idea from here.

So this is how I set it up. I lined up a few cars in different sizes. I thought the different sized cars would help a bit with our Big and Small opposites. 

He is checking it out.

Got some on my fingers! Momma clean it off! 

He got into it after I told him it was soap. We talked about how squishy it felt. We also mentioned how it feels slimy.

What happens it we dunk our ATV in the bucket and drive it on the table?

At this point he realized thatt the shaving cream was turning colors. I had added 2 drops each of blue and yellow food coloring.

He got so excited watching the color turn from blue and yellow to green. He keep telling me, "Look Momma! See?!"

Finnally, we just empty our tub of shaving cream onto the table.

That was when he REALLY started getting into playing.

The end result?

We learned a little about the colors blue and yellow, and how when you mix them, they turn green. We talked about how the shaving cream felt and how it was slippery. M also learned his Big and Small opposites today, which we have been working on for a few weeks. He is also starting to make the C sound, since we talked about how Car starts with the letter C.

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