Tire Tracks in the Play Dough

Today we had some fun with play dough. Since our theme this week is C is for Car we used cars to make tire tracks in the play dough! The kids had a blast! The best part? C could play too, since this play dough recipe was edible!

Now, C wasn't as interested as M was. He did enjoy smooshing the play dough in his hands and we practiced rolling it on the table. We talked some about how it felt soft and squishy. I also told him about the colors of the play dough to expose him to some early color recognition. Green seemed to draw C's attention the most followed by orange. After about 15 minutes, C decided he was done playing.

M liked squishing the play dough and making balls and snakes out of it. We even made a hot dog! He told me about the red play dough and how is smelled "pretty" to him. He liked showing me the different tire tracks in the dough and M also enjoyed sticking his cars n the play dough and declaring them stuck.

M and I talked about how each play dough had a different smell, and what the dough felt like. We also worked a little more on our big and small opposites.

This kept M busy for a little over an hour, 30 minutes of which was independent play, as I had to start supper.

"Look momma!" Showing me the tire tracks.

"Hot Dog! Yum!" Our play dough hot dog.

Play dough is a huge thing in our house. M really loves it! We use it for so many things, like counting, independent play, together time, fine motor skills, and so much more. He just loves it! I am sure C will eventually love it just as much as M does. We just have to give it time.

Check out our  Recipes for Play page for the recipe to make our Kool Aid Play Dough. It is wonderful, easy and safe to eat!

I am linking this post up to Tot School's Weekly Gather Place at 1+1+1=1. For those who don't know, this is my favorite site for ideas. Check out what other Tot's are doing this week!


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