BackTrack: Cuddle Bug's First Discovery Basket

I was browsing through our photos and found some pictures of C playing with the first Discovery Basket I had ever made.

At the time, I was working hard with M's Tot School, and was frustrated that Cuddle Bug kept interrupting M's work. Of course, I turned to Pinterest for inspiration. How do you keep an infant busy, but safe.

That was when I discovered Discovery/Treasure Baskets. And how easy it was! I decided to test it out!

Success! C was entertained and M could work on the non-infant friendly tasks at hand!

As you can see from the photos, Cuddle Bug really loved this. It was super cheap, using only things I had around the house, and did not need constant supervision. C was occupied for 30 minutes, which is amazing for a child his age. Discovery Baskets are definitely worth a try!

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