Discovering Blue: Our Blue Basket

C is 12.5 Months Old

This week, as part of C's color of the week Tot School, we are learning all about the color blue. I wanted to share with you his Blue Discovery Basket. 

In C's basket is: A blue bunny, a blue train, blue teething rings, blue felt, a blue party favor bag, a blue shoe, a blue sock, some blue spoons, and a couple blue blocks.

C dug right in, loving the one on one mommy time. When C took an item out of the basket, I described it to him. 

I would say something along the lines of, "You just picked up a blue train. Your blue train has some green wheels. It is also hard, because it is made of plastic. Can you roll your blue train on the floor?"

He did a lot of exploring with his mouth, which is why I kept a close eye on him with some of the items in the basket. 

"Look, Momma, blue paper!" He liked showing me all the goodies in his basket. After exploring them a bit, he usually ended up handing me the item and going for a new one.

We did use some motor skills to fill the goodie bag with some of our blue treasures. He enjoyed filling the bag and then pulling the toys out one by one.

All in all, we had some fun. The activity only lasted about 15 to 20 minutes before he crawled off in exploration of other toys. 

I will be keeping the basket in his reach untl the end of the week. When I see him crawl towards it I will go and describe his toys to him as he pulls them out. I may even find some good spin off activities for his basket. I did think that this was a good beginning to C's blue Tot School Week.

Keep a look out for our Discovering Colors Series. 

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