Discovery Bottles

I was looking for something C could do on his own while I work with M one on one. I came across something promising: Discovery Bottles.

There are SO many ways to adapt this idea to your babies and toddlers. I made six different ones: Marbles in water, foam shapes in water and oil, a glitter and water, a failed attempt at the jellyfish in a bottle, hide and seek dinos with rice, and a hair gel and googly eye bottle. 

Both of my boys enjoy these. I leave them on a shelf where they can reach them at all times.

It is really quite simple.

I use Gatorade bottles since they have a stronger plastic and come in all sizes.  

I find something interesting, but too small for C to handle without the clear plastic bottle.

I stick it in the bottle.

Then, I hot glue the lid on. 

Instant toy! My boys both adore these, and they play with them pretty often. I try to find items that are pretty, interesting, make noise, or move in a fun way.

Need some ideas? Check out The Imagination Tree, she has a great post about what she put in her Discovery Bottles. Get Creative! It is so much fun!

The Imagination Tree

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