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Disclaimer: I am not being paid to endorse the toy mentioned in this post. I just simply love it.

Happy Birthday C! That's right! C is now a big ol' one year old.

He got some amazing toys from all of our wonderful family and friends. They have all got wind of our Tot School, and gave him some great tools!

The toy I am focusing on today is the Baby Einstein Count & Discover Treasure Chest , which my husband and I had purchased for my Big One Year Old. We bought ours at Walmart.com.

One of the things I had not anticipated with this toy was the hand-eye coordination required to put the coins in the chest. He did try, so A for effort, but I ended up setting the coins in the slot and he would choose to either push t in or pull it out for a little chew.

He loved it! I mean, just loved it. Here are some photos of him enjoying his one on one play with the toy.

Examining the Treasure Chest for the first time.

We did a little free play. I let him explore the toy before we started playing.

He is pushing them in after I set the coins in the slot.

And here is is chewing on a particularly yummy coin. 

"Momma, where s the next coin?"

I just loved this picture. Isn't he just so camera ready?

"Hmm, can the coins go in the bottom?"

After about 15 mins, he started free playing again.

I just added a little commentary in there for him.

During our play, I would set a coin in the slot and ask him to push the purple coin in the slot. This little toy says colors, shapes, and it counts how many cons you put in the chest. I figured that, with C being so young, that we would start with colors.

What I really love is that we can also use this toy with M, and start learning how to count. Bonus, right?! 

I highly recommend this toy to the Tot Schooling crews out there. My boys both adore it!

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