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I had mentioned in my post about Tot Schooling a Crew how we had used tot books/packs. They were such a great tool for one on one learning between myself and the children, I have decided to keep them around!

Carisa (I know I mention her almost every post now, but I just love her stuff!), from 1+1+1=1 has so many themes and activities in these books that work on so many different skills!

Considering this was M's first time working with one I of these I picked out an easy Farm themed Tot Book from Carisa's site. You can find a button about her Tot Books at the bottom of this post.

M just thought is tot book was SO cool! He jumped right in! Now I couldn't quite understand what Carisa meant when she described how to make a Tot Book, so I just made up my own version with a regular folder with pockets. I thought it came out nice! (Edit: I made my Tot Book a little different during our Fall theme week, post soon.)

M likes doing work sheets, and this was great for him. He had two favorite activities in the Farm Tot Book.

The first was the Tractor Sequencing activity.  I think he just liked the tractors, but hey, at least we touched a bit on the biggest to smallest concept. For a little guy who has never worked on lining things up from big to small, he did awesome with this one. He asked me if he could color his tractors after they were lined up. I gave him a choice between green and red, and he told me he liked red better.

I love these. And I highly recommend them for any parent trying to tot school.

Tot Books & Packs

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