Pumpkin Gut Sensory Activity

My nephew has come to visit during our Fall Themed week. I was pondering some activities that a 7 year old and a 2 year old could do together, when my eyes landed on two pumpkins I had picked out for the season. Inspiration!

What kids doesn't like sticking their hands in ooey gooey pumpkin guts?

The answer? My son.

But nephew adored the activity. In the end, M spend maybe 20 minuets playing and D (my nephew) spent about 45 minutes squishing the guts in his fingers.

I think M's problem was he had a hard time reaching the inside of the pumpkin. I also believe that the weather outside kept drawing his attention. He ended up in the yard playing in the sunshine when he lost interest. Though we did find a VERY promising mud puddle that we played in for at least an hour.

D and I counted seeds, we even added a little addition and subtraction. He described the guts to me inn great detail, and he even told me some funny stories, made up by him of course, about pumpkin guts.

I did not add photos of D, since I did not have a chance to ask his Mommy and Daddy if it was okay.

Our set up, or Invitation to Play, as I have recently found this is called.

I had set up some tools for them to scrap and scoop with.

M dug in at first.

But after his hand touched the actual guts, he didn't really play IN the pumpkin anymore.

But he DID try lifting it. 

"Heavy, Momma"

Loosing interest.

We had some fun. And the rest of the day was productive, though I was too busy playing to actually take any photos.

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  1. My son and my step daughter were the same way! They both refused to touch the seeds at that age! Looks like you still had fun though!


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