Tot Schooling A Crew!

We had a great time with our friend's during our tot school day today!

My best friend was very interested n what I do at home with the boys after a visit when she saw our "classroom" one day. She asked if she could come over and see what we do during tot school.

She has 3 tots, J is 4, N is 3, and KM is 21 months.

I will admit, it was pretty hectic, but I am calling it a successful day! But, in all the chaos, I didn't snap many pictures.

We started out with some Tot Packs from Carisa at 1+1+1=1. We did some 2 on one time with that and the kids adored working with their favorite characters. My friend's 3 weren't too sure about them at first, but J got right into his Toy Story pre-k pack from Carisa.

As they started getting restless, I set up the next game. I used masking tape and taped huge shapes on the floor. (I could only fit 5 shapes: A square, a triangle, a diamond, a rectangle and a circle.) M had fun tryng to guess what I was taping down!

I popped a Music CD in, Junior Jukebox Colors, Shapes, and Sizes. I played tracks 8-10. The plan was to dance in the shape the songs were singing about. This however, did not happen. But they did point out the shapes when I asked them, and danced around the room from shape to shape.

As you can see, the kids had some awesome dance moves, and they had a blast! Even C joined in the fun and "danced" his way across the floor.

We had some wind down time after this and watched Leap Frog: Adventures In Shapeville Park. They liked the movie pretty well. M and K ended up falling asleep. During their naps, my friend and I did some one on one with the older boys, J and N.

I worked with J on his Toy Story Preschool Pack. He loved it! Seriously, if you haven't tried one out, you really should! I posted a link at the bottom of the page to 1+1+1=1's tot packs.

It was really great having friend's over to part take in our Tot School Journey! I hope my friend has a wonderful journey through her tot school experience.

Tot Books & Packs

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