The Family

We are like any other family. We play, we get dirty, and we love each other deeply. I didn't say we were perfect, sure we have the odd argument, and we give each other the silent treatment. My boys are rowdy, and sometimes inconsolable. Yeah, my house gets messy, and I get behind. We are perfect, but we love our lives.

The Mom Behind the Blog

I am Jess. There is nothing interesting about me. I am a young mom and wife. I stay at home with my boys, Monkey and Cuddle Bug (to protect their privacy, I have changed their names). I don't have a higher education, as a matter of fact, I am a high school drop out. I have a GED and that is the extent of it. 

I came across Tot School on Pinterest, browsing ways to help my son catch up to other kids his age.

Why Tot School?

Monkey was born like any other baby. He was beautiful, my first, my angel. He was fine as the days progressed into months, learning and exploring. Then he started getting ear infections. It seemed like every time he went for a well visit, he had an ear infection. It soon became chronic, there was no break for my poor baby. He couldn't hear us like he should and by his first birthday, he was delayed in his development. 

I tried like crazy to help my baby get better. We were at the doctor almost every week, checking his ears. Finally they referred him for surgery and to be placed in a program for children who are developmentally delayed. My heart was broken. What did I do wrong?

About the Boys

My life and the Lord has brought me two beautiful little boys. 

Monkey is my comedian. As the oldest and having been a 'only' child for the first 21 months of his life, he got the best of the one on one parent and child time. He is out-going, and fast paced. M is always on to the next activity before the first has begun. Though he had so many struggles with his health growing up, he is now a healthy young man and catching up quick to his peers. He is a social little being and shy is not in his vocabulary. He is constantly making new friends and making new admires in all he does and everywhere he goes.

Cuddle Bug s my shy guy. He prefers Momma to all others, though he loves his Daddy all the same. He is affectionate and loyal. His favorite part of the day is the cuddles with Momma and Daddy before bed. He is an explorer, and finds something new to put in his mouth every day. A lover of nudity and the freedom it brings. C loves his food, and I am sure that, if it came down to it, he could out eat his Daddy any day. He has always been a healthy babe and a healthy eater, as his chunkiness shows. 


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